passion for the craft.


The GROVE BREW HOUSE is a 10 barrel craft brewery in the heart of downtown Kingsville.

We brew with a thirst for flavour, using only hand-selected ingredients. To us, “FRESH” means “LOCAL”, and therefore we use locally sourced components when we can, but we always ensure that, no matter what, we use the freshest ingredients possible.

We invite you to come in and try a hand-crafted, award-winning brew from our Brewmaster Series, one of our latest, seasonal “One Hit Wonders”, or dive deep by enjoying a limited release, “One & Done” weekly brew.


**2019 ONTARIO BREWING AWARDS – GOLD, 2018 CANADIAN BREWING AWARDS – SILVER**  In the late 1800’s, Caroline Westcott’s “Mettawas Waltz” was a classic Kingsville groove. Although it was easy to learn, it still had a certain “hop” in its step, just so it wouldn’t be disregarded by the professionals. This medium-bodied, smooth, and tamed Cream Ale makes for a solid entry-level craft beer while satisfying those with experience – perfectly reflecting Mrs.Westcott’s intentions.

2018 Silver MEDAL - Cream Ale

    Smooth & Refreshing.

    Pale Honey Colour.

    Light Top Aroma.

4.7% ABV





**2019 CANADIAN BREWING AWARDS – SILVER, 2018 ONTARIO BREWING AWARDS – SILVER & 2018 CANADIAN BREWING AWARDS – BRONZE**  When Hiram Walker built the Lake Erie Railway, he built one track that specifically transported his workers to a place called “Paradise Grove”. Being right on the water and covered with green space, Walker’s established this area prime real estate for vacationing. This place is modern-day Kingsville. We crafted this clean and crisp lager to reflect Walker’s intentions, giving our community a taste of paradise.

clean & crisp.

light colour.

just a touch of hops.

4.5% ABV




**2019 ONTARIO BREWING AWARDS – SILVER**   If you know Kingsville, you know George. Haunting the King’s Hotel since the mid-1800s, the spirit of the sea captain has been a staple in local folklore. This one is for George, a classic Hefeweizen, various sweet notes, and an appearance as hazy as the figure himself. Beware of trying to dissect and comprehend all the flavours… it may drive you mad.

  hint of citrus and clove.

  hazy gold colour.

  blood orange finish


4.2% ABV





**2018 ONTARIO BREWING AWARDS – BRONZE** Ruthless and relentless, the young ruffians of Clubhouse No.2 certainly paint a more ominous picture of Kingsville. Although robberies to random acts of violence were common among the group, these boys were notorious for digging up graves and displaying them outside the clubhouse, dressing skeletons in full suits to deter visitors. This pitch black oatmeal stout was crafted to acknowledge out past, and that every history has a dark side.

full body.

caramel coffee flavours.

deep black colour.

4.7% ABV





When Division Street was built it was a cause for celebration! Being the first major street developed in the growing township of Kingsville, the community rejoiced as they realized that they were experiencing a moment of historical significance for future generations to come. This IPA is super hop forward and copy’s the turbulent characteristics mentioned above. The balanced finish to this brew pays tribute to the settlers never getting ahead of themselves, finishing the job with modesty.


 full body with a clean bitter finish.

 copper colour.

 medium hop aroma.


6.2% ABV




**2018 ONTARIO BREWING AWARDS – SILVER** Meet North and South, two infamous workhorses known for assisting in the construction of modern-day Kingsville. The brute strength and determination of these noble creatures were heavily relied on during a time without engines. With a solid backbone of malty flavours and an extra kick of caffeine, this beer represents the highly respected work ethic of North and South. Without them, the town may have been lost.

malty backbone with subtle hop flavour.

dark brown.

rich coffee & caramel aroma.

5.0% ABV